Protection of a Water Source and Construction of Water Colle

Improving the access to clean water of the neighbours of Joshoni street, in Mjimwema ward in Njombe town


Njombe Water and Sanitation Agency (NJWASA) is the responsible organ to supply water within Njombe town. However, the network is often not reliable, cuts and breaks are common. Although Joshoni street in Mjimwema ward is within the town jurisdiction, often the neighbourhood does not get piped water supplied, especially during the dry period (June to December). This affects the households, commerces and education centres in the area.

Due to this situation, many neighbours fetch water with buckets from an open spring in the area. Several ponds have been dug to retain water and make it easier for the neighbours to fetch it. In the area, solid waste is dumped and it is common to see livestock (cows, goats) grazing and some cultivation activities going on. These, significantly increase the risk of the water being polluted and hence, not being safe for household use.


The main objective of the project is to improve the access to clean water of the neighbours of Joshoni street, in Mjimwema ward in Njombe town, by:

  • protecting the spring area through covering of the intake and ponds and fencing the area;
  • constructing three water points connected to the intake.


The beneficiaries of the project are those who fetch water from the spring area when the piped water is not available. 2,100 people will benefit from the project: 1,500 are neighbours of Joshoni street; 150 students from Mpechi Vocational College and 400 students from Mpechi Secondary school.

Project Location

Position Location
Joshoni chemchem Joshoni, Njombe, Njombe, Tanzania
Water source of the neighbourhood
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