Water storage infrastructure in 7 schools in Ludewa

Improve the access to water in 7 primary schools in Ludewa district (Figanga, Mbwila, Itundu, Kiyombo, Wecha, Lupande and Milo) through the construction of water storage infrastructures and water points and connecting them to the existing and nearest water distribution networks.


MAMMIE (Mawengi Mlangali and Milo Integrated Education) is a project implemented by SHIPO since 2014 with the objective of contributing to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all in 20 primary public schools in Ludewa district. The activities of the project involve different kinds of trainings to pupils, teachers, parents and Local Government Authorities (LGAs), distribution of school materials, support for the development of the gardens and construction of different facilities in the schools. MAMMIE keeps track of the different needs in the schools and has
identified 7 schools which are the most needed ones in terms of water supply: Figanga, Mbwila, Itundu, Kiyombo, Wecha, Lupande and Milo. The identified schools do not have a reliable supply of water; water cuts are very common in this area and some do not have a water point at the school premises. Therefore, if the schools had water storage facilities, their access to water would improve.
As it is a mountainous area, most of the water supply systems in Ludewa are gravity water. RUWASA (Rural Water and Sanitation Agency) is the responsible governmental organ to provide water in rural areas of the country. The Tanzania Water and Sanitation Act of 2019 establishes that the water schemes in rural
areas are managed by Community Based Water Supply Organisations (CBWSOs), established in every village.

Project description

Construction of water storage infrastructures and water points in 7 primary
schools and connect them to the existing and nearest water distribution networks


The direct beneficiaries of the project are the 2,073 pupils (1,008 boys and 1,065 girls) studying in the 7 primary schools. The staff working in the schools are also directly benefited by this project. The parents and families of the children are indirect beneficiaries of the project.


The project is expected to start on mid-May 2021 and to be finalized by the end of August 2021

Project sustainability and risks

Numerous water projects remain functional during one or two years and after that, become non-functional due to poor operation and maintenance by the water users. In order to improve the sustainability of waterprojects it is key to involve the local community and to make them contribute to the project.

After more than six years working with the same communities within MAMMIE project (including HTs, teachers, parents, children, members of the school committees and regional/district/ward officials) SHIPO has gained a deep knowledge on local social and cultural dynamics, and has built a strong collaboration and dialogue with all members of the community at different levels. This long-term collaboration, as well as the involvement of the school communities in the design of the activities, based on the needs they expressed,
ensures the social/cultural acceptance of the project, as well as community ownership. The in-kind contribution of the local communities - in terms of local material like sand, gravel, stones,bricks, etc.; voluntary labour by both community masons and unskilled labour; food and accommodation
for the SHIPO mason based at the site during the construction phases – is a key strategy to ensure their sense of ownership.

The engagement of district officers and local leaders is also key for the local ownership. The maintenance works that cannot be done by the local communities will be requested to the CBWSO andLGAs (an MoU will be signed with the District Council of Ludewa to ensure their commitment towards maintenance and operation of the new facilities after handing over).
SHIPO will do a 5-year follow-up of the project and will yearly report to the donor the water point's functionality and performance of CBWSOs.

Project Location

Position Location
Itundu Primary School Ludewa, Tanzania
Milo Primary School Ludewa, Tanzania
Wecha Primary School Ludewa, Tanzania
Figanga Primary schools Ludewa TZ, Tanzania
Mbwila primary school Ludewa TZ, Tanzania
Kiyombo primary school Ludewa TZ, Tanzania
Lupande primary school Ludewa TZ, Tanzania
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