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ID #192310
Form: MF_008 - Walling Construction
Created: 2022-06-16 10:29:04
Edited: No
Access: Everyone with project access
  • Your Name

    Benny Sanga

  • Your Unit of work

    MAMMIE Unit

  • Date of this activity


  • Name of the school/village where this activity is taking place

    Milo primary school

  • What is the project being implemented?

    Construction of kitchen and dinning

  • Who is the mason supervising this activity?

    Augustino Mtitu

  • How good is the plastering inside the building?

    No Answer

  • Is the wall built all the way up and to the roofing plates or tiles?


  • Are the inside walls well painted?

    No Answer

  • Are the sizes of the reinforcement bars in the reinforced concrete constructions in the walls in line with the designs and technical standards that apply to these constructions?


  • Are scaffolds used where they are needed?


  • Was the construction of the walls free of problems?


  • How good are the materials used for the walls?


  • Are the bricks laid in accordance with the technical standards?


  • How was the pointing (decorative strips) done?

    No Answer

  • How good is the quality of the mortar used?


  • Are scaffolds used safe (robust, people cannot easily fall from them, well anchored on the ground and against the wall)?


  • Are other safety measures followed properly by the persons working on site?


  • Are reinforcement bars in ring beam and/or other concrete structures in the walls kept in place, at least 2,5 mm away from the sides of the structures, by small concrete blocks attached to the bars?


  • Are proper anchors used and placed for the roof trusses?

    No Answer

  • Whenever concrete is poured, is it properly vibrated (removing all air bubbles but avoiding settling of the concrete)?


  • Are concrete wall parts made with good quality materials?


  • Is curing of concrete constructions in the walls done during 7 days or more with the open parts covered with plastic and wetting two or three times a day?


  • How many main reinforcement bars are in the bottom of ring beam?


  • How many main reinforcement bars are in the top of ring beam?


  • What is the diameter of the main reinforcement bars used in the ring beam (in mm)?


  • What is the number of bags of cement used?


  • Please take the Location of this area
    {"latLng":[-9.881249, 34.630411], "data":"Submission", "tag":"text_2176", "options":{"icon": "mobile"}, "accuracy":"23"}
  • Please take a photo of this activity
    Please take a photo of this activity
  • Add any comments from the Mason who supervise this activity

    1. Community are arriving at late time.

  • Add any other comments/observation during this follow up

    Construction is progressing well. Community leaders and masons are cooperative

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