Education Empowerment

The descriptions of the project will be updated soon, below are some of the activities in which Frisucode implements This system is new and will lead you to access all updates of activities performed by Frisucode.

Areas of Intervention:

1. Babati - Manyara

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2. Arusha - Kikwe Ward

>> Education

>>>> Category - Education Empowerment

Software Part:

  • Provision of Psycho-social support to supported children
  • Conducting life skills education to school clubs
  • Providing Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) education to the girls in schools

Hardware part:

  • Construction of Dormitories
  • Construction of Computer Laboratory
  • Construction of classroom
  • Rehabilitation of classes
  • Establishing and supervising school gardens
  • Distribution of Girls sanitary pads
  • Support school fees to students
  • Support other scholastic materials to students - including exercise books, pens, uniforms, shoes etc
  • Children supported study tours to national parks
  • Conduct sport activities in schools and distribution of sports gears


Roles of Frisucode

Cross cutting issues

Within the projects in which Frisucode implement, there are other cross cutting issues considered such as Gender, Vulnerable groups such as OVC - who are the most targeted children in education empowerment and HIV/ AIDS.

Obtained Results

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Pictures of some events

We thank you all of our supporters and donors to the project

Frisucode Team

Project Location

Position Location
Project Headquarter Maji ya Chai, Arusha, Meru, Tanzania
Kisanga Household Mamire, Arusha, Meru, Tanzania
Kikwe Secondary School Kikwe, Arusha, Meru, Tanzania
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