Turkana children learn with KIO

Turkana children will discover new ways of learning! Education is transformed when teachers and children move from frontal teaching to active multi sensory learning. The KIO kit brings digital information designed for rural African primary schools to the classroom to promote life long learning.

Our vision is to equip girls and boys from deprived communities in Lokichoggio, northern Kenya with new learning skills for a bright future.

Let us invest in modern education that includes todays information technology from the start. We aspire to close the gap for rural communities so that their future is brighter and their dreams come true in a fast paced global village. Together we can achieve the greatest sustainable impact - when we invest in motivated kids and their new learning environment. Kio Kit can prepare the ground, so children can reach their full potential!


Contact us: mind1@4dotopenmind.com

Project Location

Position Location
Community Ministry Lokichoggio, Kenya
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