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Project Background

The alliance between SHIPO and ZH2O (SKAT foundation back donor) started by the years 2012 and 2013, by this time the first training was conducted. Such training was conducted by Mr. Walter Mgina, Mr. Henk Holtslag, Mr. James Malekano and Mr. Laban Kaduma. Drillers and rope pump producers from Uwemba, Utalingolo, Makambako and Iringa benefited from this training

The training is aimed to improve and update the knowledge and skills of local technicians in manual drilling techniques and in manual pump production and installation. The overarching goal is to capacitate local entrepreneurs working in the water self-supply sector to provide better services to the population (their clients) and also to increase the number of available competent drillers and rope pump producers as part of a strategy to consolidate the water self-supply market in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. It is also the objective of the training to introduce quality assurance topics to the suppliers by introducing topics of certification and warranty, as well as introduce trainees to marketing and business concepts.

The Project Goal is to: Increase options and ensure a strong base and environment for commercial replication of low cost WASH technologies in Tanzania.

Components of project

Component No 1: Training of welders/ drillers/ fundis and salesmen

Component No 2: Certification, promotion and monitoring

Component No 3: Financial support solutions

Component No 1 & 2 are funded by ZH2O and Component No 3 is funded by Volkart Foundation

Project Objectives

Objective 1:

To strengthen existing groups and workshops and their new WASH products. This objective will make sure that the recently trained as well as the more established private groups and workshops keep producing good quality products by further training and quality certification. It will make sure that producers are maintaining a well-trained staff base by training new employees in the skills. It will make sure that the private entrepreneurs continuously upgrade their product range in order to follow the needs and developments of the society.

Objective 2:

To advocate for low cost WASH technologies and certification at District, Regional and National Level. This objective will make sure there is a continuously conducive environment in favor of low cost WASH technologies in all relevant government institutions. It will facilitate recognition of a certification scheme in at least one government institution, and make sure that SHIPO partakes in relevant discussions and activities in the sector that are going on in the national NGO communities in support of the technologies.

Objective 3:

To expand demand market by promotion and making WASH technologies accessible for low income households through micro-finance program.


Objective 1:

Entrepreneurs Training

Type of Training Year of Training Entrepreneurs Trained
(Paid little motivation fee)

Entrepreneurs Trained (Contribute part of the training fee) Places they come from
Pump producing, HWTS, Irrigation methods,Adaptation to climate change, Ground water recharging, Rain water harvesting, Manual Drilling & Business Training 2014 14 4 Njombe, Uwemba, Ifakara
Pump producing, Manual Drilling, HWTS, Irrigation methods,Adaptation to climate change, Ground water recharging, Rain water harvesting, Business Training & Data collection through paper questionnaires 2015 27 9 Njombe, Ruvuma Morogoro, Kigoma, Tabora, Singida
Pump producing, Manual Drilling, HWTS, Irrigation methods, Adaptation to climate change, Ground water recharging, Rain water harvesting, Business Training, Solar pump & Data collection through paper questionnaires 2016 33 4 Njombe, Songea, Ifakara, Zimbabwe, Kenya
Pump producing, Manual Drilling, HWTS, Irrigation methods, Adaptation to climate change, Ground water recharging, Rain water harvesting, Business Training, Solar pump &Digital Data collection with Visible Impact 2017 25 17

Njombe, Dar es salaam, Arusha, Tabora, Morogoro

Below are Entrepreneurs during the Training

SHIPO SMART TRAINING CENTER was officially recognized by the Government on June 2016 as the Youth Training Centre for WASH Smart Technologies during the race of National Torch event

SHIPO staff with the Leader of National Torch raceon June 2016

Objective 2:

Advocacy, Monitoring and Certification

National level

Attending to Nane nane event. Nane nane is a Farmers' exhibition day which occurred every year on 08 of August. In this day, different stakeholders gather in one point selected either nationally or according to the zones in the country. SHIPO SMART Centre attended this event in Southern Highlands zone which happened in Mbeya, where SMART Technologies were promoted and marketed. The exercise was also participated by Mr. Walter Mgina, and Other SHIPO staff; Eugenia Kimaro and Venanti Lulukila.

Nane nane event at Mbeya 08/08/2017: Venanti Lulukila, SHIPO staff explaining to the people on WASH SMART Technologies

Above: Nane nane event at Mbeya 08/08/2017; Venanti Lulukila, SHIPO staff explaining to the people on WASH SMART Technologies

Attending to African Water week

African Water week is a governmental organized event, commemorated twice a year with the aim of discussing and sharing water and sanitation issues. In 2016, SHIPO participated in this event in Dar es salaam and obtained an exhibition space on selected grounds. In this event SHIPO was successful able to attract MEDIA attention and visited by the Former president of Kenya Mr. Mwai Kibaki, Head of water and sanitation department of AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK, and the PERMANENT SECRETARY FOR THE MINISTRY OF WATER AND IRRIGATION

Mr. Laban, ZH2O trained Entrepreneur is Explaining to Mr. Mwai Kibaki - the Former Kenyan President, how rope pump is functioning. At the left hand side is Mr. Walter Mgina. the vent was on 18 - 22 July, 2016 Mr. Laban, ZH2O Trained Entrepreneur is explaining to the journalist of AZAM TV media on SMART Technologies.

International level

Presented a SMART Technologies briefing paper in 39th WEDC International Conference, Kumasi Ghana on April 2016. The paper presented titled; A market-based approach to scale up sustainable rural water supply: Experiences from Tanzania

Objective 3

Through ZH2O Foundation, SHIPO was able to reach 28 people through Financial support system for different SMART Technologies. The main product provided was the rope pump and wells.



9.89% of collected data shows water points not functioning this due to drying of the wells by that time (It was summer time) but Entrepreneurs promised to increase the depth.


Innovative Impact: The use of SMART Technology in Agriculture Sector

Rope pumps are now used in Agriculture sector for irrigation purposes. SHIPO is encouraging the community to use affordable SMART technologies to do farming activities. The pilot has been done in SHIPO demonstration plot and other demonstrations outside SHIPO. Some of SMART Technologies used in Agriculture are explained below and through pictures

SHIPO plot development as seen in the pictures below: Oct - Nov, 2017

Above: Land preparation and aligning of Irrigation kits in SHIPO demo plot

Above: Applying manure to SHIPO demo plot after aligning Drip Irrigation kits

Above: Germinated seeds already sprout in the plot

Other Demonstrations:

Namtumbo, Songea

Picture below Rope pump connected with GEAR MOTOR at the center, raised higher from the ground to pour water in the tank in demonstration located at Namtumbo Songea

Mto wa Mbu, Arusha

Trainers and Facilitators

Walter Mgina - International Trainer, Manual Drilling and Digging

Henk Holtslag - International Trainer, Rope Pump Production

Eugenia Kimaro - SMART CENTRE Coordinator

Laban Kaduma - Local Trainer, Manual Drilling and Digging

James Malekano - Local Trainer, Rope Pump Production


SHIPO Team - Tanzania

P.O. Box 227, Njombe


Email: info@shipo-tz.org

Website: www.shipo-tz.org

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