Pumpipumpe - A sharing community

The Pumpiumpe Association stands up for a conscious use of our consumer goods and wants to improve social interaction in urban neighbourhoods. We therefore promote the sharing of our rarely used personal belongings.

In every household you can find tools, kitchenware, products for leisure and entertainment etc., you rarely need and would like to loan a nice fellow every once in a while. At the same time you would be glad if you could easily borrow things that you only need on rare occasions.

The aim of the project Pumpipumpe is to make sharing-friendly neighbours and their objects visible and so to promote the sharing of consumer goods. With Pumpipumpe this does not happen on the Internet, but with little stickers on the letterbox, where neighbours and local residents walk past every day.That way you are able to directly contact each other to borrow a bike-pump, drill or a fondue set, get to know each other better and have to buy even less equipment.

Project Location

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Impact HUB Zürich Switzerland
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