Sustainable and Ecological Aquaculture

Our mission is to empower Zanzibar's coastal communities to improve the quality of life by developing small aquaculture businesses that can operate autonomously in the long term. On 2009 we started with sponge farming. The coral farming project has started in late 2014.

Aquacultures benefit coastal regions through a more stable provision of nutrition, additional income, and consequently, better quality of life. The approach of ecological aqua farming further promotes healthy economic growth; reduces environmental pressures and threats to marine life and furthers natural wildlife, public health and the advancement of women. Sponge- and Coral farming techniques were not known in East Africa till now.

Our actual aquaculture projects are:

> > > Cultivation of natural sea sponges

> > > Cultivation of corals

Across the globe, oceans are suffering from ruthless over-exploitation. Marine life is rapidly being decimated and much of it is now threatened by extinction.

We believe that ecological aqua farming is a meaningful contribution to the conservation of the ecosystem and also offers alternative sources of income for coastal communities.

Donations to and membership dues are tax-deductible in Switzerland and possibly in other countries. A donation statement will be issued for each payment.

More information about us, our mission and our projects >

Project Location

Position Location
Base of Jambiani, Southern District, Tanzania
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