Project-centred tracking

With VisibleImpact, all relevant information is allocated to the respective project. Whether updates come from team members in the field or in offices around the world: data is saved to project timelines and delivered to personal newsfeeds.

Project updates can include text, pictures, documents and structured data.

Work in teams

VisibleImpact is built for multi-user project management. Organisations can add multiple members to their account, assign them to specific projects, and manage levels of access. Project information and updates are instantly shared within project teams.

Measure your impact

We have seamlessly integrated impact measurement and data visualization into project tracking. Organisations can create customized data collection forms and enter, aggregate and visualize data.

Forms can also be shared with other organisations, allowing data submission and analysis across multiple organisations.

An unlimited number of field data collectors can collect data using mobile devices, without the need for a personal VisibleImpact profile.

Connect your audience

Increase your organisation's visibility and transparency by selectively sharing key information with your audience. VisibleImpact lets you decide who can access your organisation's profile, projects and data.

Projects can be private and accessible by your team only, shared with defined stakeholders or public and accessible by everyone. You can also fine-tune access to single updates and approve them through a project administrator before sharing beyond your team.

Integrated project fundraising

For many organisations, fundraising is an essential part of their projects. VisibleImpact efficiently integrates fundraising into the workflow, allowing organisations to use a single platform to manage the full project cycle.

VisibleImpact uses the trusted third-party payment provider Stripe and all donations are directly deposited into the organisation's bank account.

Fundraising is limited to organisations residing in a Stripe enabled country.

Discover innovative projects

VisibleImpact lets organisations make their projects available to the public. Discover new projects that best fit your funding and investment strategy or learn from other organisation's best-practice.

Need some inspiration?

Discover public projects

VisibleImpact for Individuals

Individual supporters can follow and support projects and get first-hand updates posted on their personal newsfeed.

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